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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  April 2, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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life in los angeles where you told you about the vigil for t shannon: looking live at los angeles at the vigil from its the hustle. there been reports of violence. lapd is trying to get things under control. we are keeping you updated on that story. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us. rob: tuesday, april 2nd, this is "fox and friends first". a fox news alert, the border battle, surge of law enforcement descending on the southern border to control the surge of migrant. jillian: mexico warns the caravans could to swell to 20,000. live with how the white house is controlling the process and downtown horror. rob: an inflatable filled with kids, 100 feet in the air. how alexandria ocasio cortez is using the price of a croissant
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to push for a higher minimum wage. jillian: "fox and friends first" starts right now. ♪ shake it up baby now ♪ twist and shout ♪ twist and shout ♪ come on come on baby now ♪ come on baby ♪ come on and work it on out ♪ working on out ♪ rob: that song. jillian: sure. good morning, you are watching "fox and friends first" on tuesday morning. rob: we are in early, straight to a fox news alert. secretary of homeland security with concerns to the southern
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border as the migrant crisis has been escalating. jillian: the white house shutting down port of entry any day now. griff jenkins live in washington as thousands of migrants push for mexico. >> reporter: all hands on deck. kirsten nielsen cut short a trip to europe to get to the border repairing for the president to shut it down issuing this statement. the crisis at the border is worsening, dhs will do everything to end it. we will not stand idly by while congress fails to act yet again so all options are on the table. we will redeploy hundreds of personnel to the border to respond to this emergency, saying she is reallocating 750 officers to border patrol to assume duties, it could rise to 2000 in the coming weeks, she says they will require more asylum-seekers to wait in mexico as their claims play out. increasing number of migrants
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across the border to wait for roughly 60-300 per day. jared kushner says all this is an effort to put pressure on everyone to act. >> one thing i love about the president as he doesn't let people hide from problems. if there's a problem he makes people confront the problem and his creative about how to find a solution. >> reporter: warnings of the economic toll and border pleasure would cause growing, democratic congressman, districts along the border. >> the idea any president would ever suggest we should shutdown our ports of entry is just moronic. >> reporter: the president said to be considering the appointment of an immigration officer, crisco back and virginia attorney general are said to be on the short list, both concerned republicans with
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immigration views in line with the president but we will soon get the official number of apprehensions on the border in the month of march which are on track to reach 100,000, the highest monthly total in a decade. >> getting the feeling this will come to a head as an issue here. house democrats will issue a subpoena if the attorney general does not meet today's deadline to release bob mueller's russia report. doesn't sound like he will. jared never says they plan to hold a vote tomorrow to issue the subpoenas to william barr with 5 white house officials after bar said the report will be made public by mid april once the appropriate reductions are done with bob mueller have been made. democrats doing everything in their power to see the fool mueller report. professor alan dershowitz says the law does not require it to be released and points out these
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demands were not made to james comey. >> the best test is the shoe on the other foot test. go back to comey's statement. comey that we are not going to invite hillary clinton on the emails and republicans said we heard you have a report that says she was extremely careless, we want you to release that democrats would have jumped up and said prosecutors don't say anything negative about people they haven't indicted. all they are supposed to do is announce no indictment. suddenly everything has changed and it is the democrats who want to know why there weren't charges. the law doesn't authorize that to be released if the attorney general wants to do it that is in his discretion but no court shall order the attorney general in the executive branch to release grand jury material and other material to the legislative branch without the approval of the courts. >> reporter: top house democrats have threatened additional investigations despite still not seeing that report.
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shannon: police release a picture of a man wanted in the murder of rapper mitzi hustle as violence breaks out at his memorial. several people injured after a fight outside the rapper's clothing store where he was shot, 19 people were injured two critically. police say it does not appear anyone was shot. musicians spoke candidly about his past gang affiliation and have been working to end gang violence. police named eric holder as a suspect, he is on the run. murdered south carolina college student laid to rest tomorrow, she was stabbed to death. autopsy revealing the chilling details of samantha joseph's final moments. officials say nathaniel rowland step the 21-year-old multiple times after she got into a car, roland is facing murder and
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kidnapping charges. >> a man found guilty of murdering a jogger after a dramatic retrial. >> we the jury find the defendant guilty. [cheers and applause] >> final justice there and the relation the courtroom. family and friends of the victim, karina, this was a terrible store, applauding in the new york city courtroom. chanel lewis could spend life in prison for sexually assaulting and killing her when she was out on a run in 2016, a run she was supposed to take with her father, her first trial ended in a fun jerry. >> a second woman is accusing former vice president joe biden of inappropriate touching this time during a fundraiser in 2009. he put his hand around my neck
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and pulled me and rubbed noses with me. when he was pulling me and i thought he was going to kiss me on the mouth. she's disappointed in her democratic party and the way biden responded to the first accuser. florez says biden smelled her hair and kissed the back of her head before a rally in nevada in 2014, this as nancy pelosi weighs in on the allegations, respondents reported saying, quote, i don't think this disqualifies him from being president, not at all. even though joe biden is getting support from establishment democrats like nancy pelosi author and journalist mark stein says it is all for show calling it a calculated way to remove the threat of a biden 2020 run. >> democrats are morally indifferent on this unless it serves their ends and what they want to do is take this guy out, other candidates want to take the guy out the widget bush was taken out by trump two, four years ago. they can't take them out with a
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single insult. you use what you have and that is why all these democrat candidates have basically decided this is the bullet that takes out joe biden. i don't think he's going to run because i don't think he wants to defend all this stuff between now and november next year. >> biden is accusers are democrats, working as a volunteer at the time of their alleged in towns or and lindsay was running as the democratic candidate for nevada's lieutenant governor. >> michael avenatti is confident he will be cleared of all fraud charges. the lawyer made famous for representing stormy daniels appearing in federal court in california. he's a lot of trial accused of filing fake tax returns to give millions in loans and meddling money from a client. >> i'm highly confident that when the process plays out, justice will be done.
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>> he was arrested last week in new york in a different case. he denies trying to extort millions of dollars from nike. >> a woman pardon from her life sentence for drug trafficking thanks donald from, speaking at a criminal justice summit at the white house. >> i think our incredible president, donald john trump. [applause] >> finally get a chance to hug you and properly say thank you for believing in me. >> reporter: the president announcing a $500 million effort to help inmates like johnson find jobs. the reality star kim kardashian asked donald trump to pardon johnson last year. the 63-year-old thanked the media for bringing attention to her case. >> mick jagger will reportedly have heart surgery this week,
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the rolling stones from an expected to have a damaged valve replaced in new york city. ♪ >> reporter: jagger expected to make a full recovery and return to the stage this summer. the stones postponed there are no filters for this weekend slating jagger's health. they have been touring since world war i. shannon: 11 after the hour, homeland security secretary kirsten neilsen cutting her european trip short with donald trump set to close the border any day now. retard immigration agent says it is time for congress to solve the crisis, he joins us live. >> james comey 2020? printing the internet on april fools' day. >> i would be a mess if i had to give up my joe. i have a full-blown addiction. i hope it won't come back to
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>> homeland security secretary kirsten neilsen reinforcing the southern border after mexico officials warn the mother of all caravans could be on the way. >> the warning is this group of migrants could swell to more than 20,000 but right now we still don't know much about it. donald trump threatening to completely close the border if mexico doesn't step up. >> expert insight is retard immigration and naturalization service senior special agent michael cutler. thank you for your time this morning. is closing the board of the right answer? >> the answer i think needs to be done because we are in the
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middle of a crisis. the 9/11 commission report makes clear border security is national security. after 9/11 we were told if the terrorists succeed they only need to get it right once. providing the opportunity to get it right once, when dealing with so many thousands of people, among them are likely to become, fugitives, drug dealers, gangbangers and terrorists. how do you allow this to happen at a time we are facing threats from gangs in latin america. so many hearings about terrorists, hezbollah in particular operating in conjunction with human traffickers and drug smugglers in latin america. the president is commander-in-chief, has to secure the border to protect america and americans -- congress doesn't want to provide the resources, what are his options? >> democrats in unison, this is how they sound. >> the idea any president would ever suggest we should shutdown
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our ports of entry is just moronic. >> when the president says he's going to close the border, that's a totally unrealistic boast. >> instead of building a wall, closing the border which is downright stupid we should go in the other direction. compassion instead of cruelty. >> their position, all these people coming this way, closing the border, to their point the president have strong testing he has going is the economy. this week screw with the economy. >> if you the balance, he spoke about this, mexico does better with open border policies toward them that we are doing. the balance is in favor of mexico. >> this is about forcing mexico to do something about the caravan. >> absolute. they are not doing anything. how do they allow caravans of thousands of people to literally march the length of mexico to the us border and allow it to happen?
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buses are there, it is organized, not a few people getting past their authority's, mexico is working in conjunction with the human traffickers, there is no other conclusion you can come to. what are the options? >> why does his compassion never involve americans? americans who lose their jobs to foreign workers or their lives to the cartels or the threats this poses to national security? schools overwhelmed with children who can't speak, read or write english that we spend tons of money on english as a second language, overwhelm hospitals, concerned about a measles outbreak, just wrote an article for front page magazine about this, part of the screening process to keep out people with dangerous diseases. if you overwhelm the system all of those laws we have in place become meaningless, loosening up the bond factory on steroids. >> kirsten neilsen has been fighting this battle in addition to donald trump and others and had this to say. we will not stand idly by while congress fails to act yet again.
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we will immediately redeploy hundreds of cvp personnel to the border to respond to this emergency. do you see any other option? >> know but part of this, it has been going on for decades because politicians don't see immigration as law enforcement, they see it as a delivery system that delivers unlimited supply of cheap labor, foreign students, immigration lawyers with a limited supply of clientele. that is why they want to legalize these folks. that would generate business. think how many members of congress are attorneys. >> think out cheap labor would be. >> dr. america to the left. >> people couldn't afford to live here. thank you so much. >> nice recovery. >> 20 minutes after the hour. he fled the us to join isis in the middle east, now the american terror bride can't explain it.
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her new plea to benjamin hall about coming home. >> breakfast backlash. alexandria ocasio cortez compares an airport croissant price to the price of higher minimum wage. carly shimkus with reaction online.
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>> alexandria ocasio cortez demanding more dough. he wents higher minimum wage after seeing the press of croissants. >> carly shimkus with serious xm 115 is not french.
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>> i was going to say she says the cost of airport croissants cost too much dough. you had it in the intro. that is what she said on twitter. croissants are going for $7 apiece but some people think getting a whole hour of personal dedicated human labor for $15 is too expensive. ted cruz saw an opportunity to attack saying that humanity, here's the answer, government mandated free croissants for all and just force the bakers to give all their time for free. another twitter user chimed in saying this, you are flying but i thought you were getting rid of the airplanes, use of the world is going to end and 12 years. some partisan jokes back and forth. her tweet did spark conversation why the cost of airport food is so much. because of lack of competition. also airport workers in new york and new jersey the minimum wage was raised to $19 an hour in september so they are making more than 15.
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>> i talked to an airport worker one day and she was telling me they have to go through security. takes time to get to work. >> it does, not like it is a regular old restaurant. >> james comey still talking about james comey. >> he said he's throwing his hat into the 2020 presidential race but yesterday was april fools' day. he tweeted that right there but then post a follow-up tweet saying could you imagine a president who use this website the meaning twitter, to make dad jokes rather than hurl insults? happy april fools, taking a jab at donald trump. a lot of reaction to this. carolyn says that is a scary thought but trish tweets kind of brilliant. we all need to lighten up and have a chuckle these days. i thought it was pretty funny myself. >> there is a photo shoot for everything nowadays. >> this one raised some
1:26 am
eyebrows. a woman is going viral for celebrating her divorce with a photo shoot, pictures of the 47-year-old complete with burning wedding pictures, knee-high boots and she says she wanted to show strong women can move on and be happy and these pictures have been like thousands of times on facebook. let's get to one facebook post from amanda who says these are my favorite photo shoots i've ever seen. you look so happy and stunning, best of luck in your new chapter. sound like a carrie underwood song to me. >> like the feeling when you escape from prison. >> freedom!
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>> you would know? >> thank you. 26 minutes after the hour, still trying to -- this is a sad story we've got to move on to. look at this. imagine this. the dust devil tossing this inflatable playground like a ragdoll terrifying moments caught on camera coming up. >> the state of georgia facing backlash over its new heartbeat abortion bill, one of the sponsors says it is common sense legislation. he joins us live.
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>> welcome back. top headlines starting with fox news alert, homeland security secretary kirsten neilsen ordering a surgeon law enforcement to the 7 border, the white house is expected to shut down ports of entry any day with a new wave of migrants pushing through mexico. >> this man eric holder is a suspect in the murder of wrapper
1:31 am
next the hustle in la, chaos breaking out as the musicians memorial, 19 people got hurt. >> house democrats expected to issue a subpoena if the attorney general does let me today's deadline to release robert mueller's russia report, this despite william by saying the report will be made public by mid april 1st rejections have been made. >> two marine pilot killed in a loft cup to crash of been identified. matthew whycan't and -- brandon earned a global war on terrorism service medal. wygant was -- there is a governess is flags will fly at half staff today in their honor. convicted leaker chelsea manning demanding to be freed after four weeks behind bars, attorneys for the former intelligence analyst requesting she be released on bail while appealing the grand jury's order after she refused to testify about wikileaks.
1:32 am
manning spent several years in prison for leaking classified documents before her sentence was commuted by president obama. hundreds flooding the streets of chicago for dueling protests in the wake of the jussie smollett case. ♪ what side are you on ♪ >> current and retired chicago police officers storming the prosecutor's office after kim fox's decision to dismiss all 16 felony counts. counter protesters firing back at police. maxine waters chiming in to say she agrees with dropping the charges. >> it is the correct thing the charges were dropped, no one was hurt, that is physically killed, shot. >> but the attorney for the two
1:33 am
nigerian brothers are on the hook for all this admitting to tucker carlson this entire thing was a hoax. >> what he wanted to do was tear people apart more, not bring them together. one of the first statements released, we said that, they were not homophobic, not racist and not anti-trump. >> if you are for small at your against the brothers, the empire actor is accused of faking the racist hate crime on himself. very surprising fundraising surge for a long shot democratic presidential candidate. pete buttigieg revealing $7 million in contributions since launching his exploratory committee in january, some candidates raise that much of their first day of fundraising, many see it as a major win for the south bend indiana mayor who started with almost no name recognition. google revealing that only joe
1:34 am
biden on the list of most searched names among candidates and likely candidates. doing good. >> georgia's governor expected to sign the heartbeat bill which would ban abortions after a heartbeat is detected. them in hollywood threatened to boycott any production in the state. governor kemp declaring, quote, georgia views life. joining us as a sponsor of the bill. thank you for your time. appreciate it. tell us what this bill is about and why you wanted to sponsor it. >> fairness and equality, recognizing something that is pretty common sense. the child with a human heartbeat living inside the mother would be fully protected. looking at other states, new york and others that believe you should literally be able to gruesomely territorial apart limb from limb inside the mother
1:35 am
doesn't jibe with georgia values and denies americans. the life act recognizes these children need protection, puts commonsense measures in place to protect them. >> are you surprised at the backlash? >> know. this is a divisive issue in our country. after 50 years of abortion on demand people have become confused over this issue a little bit. bringing people back to the picture of a child living inside their mother that could fit in your hands that has a heartbeat, living, distinct from the mother, has a circulatory system, body system functioning, people recognize the child worthy of protection. if you talk to a toddler, small child in preschool, show a picture of one of these small children, what are you looking at? a preschooler could say that is a baby. we recognize these are members of the community and georgia
1:36 am
stepped forward in a common sense and balanced way that recognizes difficult circumstances women find themselves in but also recognizes these lives are worthy of full legal protection as members of the human community. jillian: alyssa milano has been outspoken about this issue as well. you can't imagine being elected officials, and enacted a law that was so evil it chased billions of dollars in the state economy. now she among others, 50 different celebrities are against this bill. they are saying rashida tlaib would bring business to georgia. what do you think of that? >> if you look at the face of abortion, something that is so horrific it can't even be talked about in polite conversation in most of america. if you put her in front of what abortion is, 16, 18 weeks child, being pulled apart, limb from
1:37 am
limb, just horrific. people can't even talk about it. allow it to be set in the shadows and not look at it. is elected officials we are responsible, looking at the lives that are being shattered and balanced carefully. difficult circumstances, the difficulties that do not ignore the basic right to life of living distinct child with a heartbeat, lawmakers have to balance this in a fair way, in many states in the nation she is standing behind that literally destroy innocent helpless lives and that is the true extremism. trying to control language, the debate is over a living distinct child and we in georgia across the political spectrum, and ages
1:38 am
-- >> we appreciate it. rob: she told followers to run americans over with trucks and still their bloods. what does the alabama isis bride have to say for herself? >> you've got to do better than that. rob: a sitdown interview you will only see on fox news. why she things she deserve to come home and live among the same people she once threatened to kill. jillian: florida closer to banning sanctuary cities. why can't congress move on illegal immigration? ascended to champion the bill joins us with a lesson for washington next.
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>> an american born woman turned isis bride sits down 1-on-1 with fox news. rob: she's they can come back to the united states with her young son promising she will be a model citizen. jillian: more from a refugee camp in syria. >> reporter: telling me about her comfortable life in alabama and denies she left isis because the caliphate had fallen. tractor down to a camp in northern syria. you turned your back on america. why? >> no comment. >> you've got to do better than that. you've got to explain why you made this decision. that was nothing except no comment and always that laughter and a plea to go home.
1:43 am
>> to go back home. my son and my family. no matter -- >> the reason she joined, the koran told her to do so. told her she would burn in hell if she didn't. >> i didn't hate america. >> reporter: she's living in the camp with her 19-month-old child born from her third isis husband. during her 5 years with her group she called repeatedly un-american. go on drive-bys and still all their blood, to drive all over them, kill them. she claims she was radicalized online. her citizenship was revoked on the basis her father was a yemeni diplomat, she continues to insist she is a us citizen, a victim but the state department made it clear she's nothing more than upon.
1:44 am
jillian: some people fear the terrorist, she sees herself as a victim, interesting story. rob: she just feel sorry for herself. here is another story, florida republicans with a bill to prohibit sanctuary city laws in the sunshine state. the law is expected to pass despite every democrat opposing it. jillian: what lessons can washington learned from this? here to discuss is the senator who champion the bill, joe bruder, thank you for your time, we appreciate it. what do you think the rest of the country can learn from it? >> it comes down to leadership. we are fortunate to have ron desantis leading the charge. this bill has stalled for years in florida and it is his leadership, he was elected last year, made it a priority and people have come together to do the right thing for florida. rob: your bluest city is miami and that is where you will get the most pushback.
1:45 am
what do you hear from leaders in places like that that are pushing for sanctuary status? >> it is about doing the right thing for floridians overall. it's not about immigration policy at the federal level. this is about enforcing laws that exist, what are bill does is defined what a sanctuary city is and prohibits governments from passing laws that prohibit cooperation, the rhetoric in florida is at an all-time high, some democrats are doing everything they can to prevent this bill from moving forward because of numerous reasons but the leaders here in florida have come together and said this is important, we want to follow the laws that exist on the books, if you want to change immigration policy go to dc, talk to your congressman, if you want to
1:46 am
remove them this is the bill and we can do it and protect all floridians. jillian: what is the reaction so far? >> we have seen many protesters up here. a lot of different groups, the rhetoric on the left is at an all-time high. they are trying to use this as an issue to motivate their base. a lot of fear mongering, a lot of misinformation out there. the reality is what this bill does is if you are a criminal illegal alien going to jail, we have 4500 in the state prison system today but if there's a detainer request, we are making sure local governments operate and hold these people 48 hours to remove these committal illegal aliens and on most floridians across the board, no matter what party you are on you are in favor of this bill, polling is off the charts but at
1:47 am
the end of the day it is common sense, doing the right thing, protecting the community. this is about public safety. once the detainer request comes down ice knows where you are. what you don't want to do is interrupt these communities and disrupt families and the public. it's a safer enforcement for law enforcement officials and everybody in the community to do this in a secure environment. rob: the ones on the far left that are calling for absolutely no work to be done with ice even with a violent criminal found to be an illegal alien they don't want them communicating with ice do they lose pragmatic normal democrats when they talk like that? >> what is happening in florida the rhetoric is at an all-time high and they are doing everything they can, different accusations and trying to affiliate the bill with hate groups, so unfortunate because when you are trying to do the right thing and we are so fortunate to have the leadership of governor ron desantis in florida, sitting course and allowing us to have this
1:48 am
discussion and make sure this passes because this is about doing the right thing for everybody in florida, legal or not legal in this is about removing the bad criminal elements from our system. rob: thank you so much. >> thank you so much. jillian: house of horrors, terrifying moment of chaos and it is caught on camera. rob: boozeing on a budget, you can set on dollar margaritas. ♪ we just got married.
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we're all under one roof now. congratulations. thank you. how many kids? my two. his three. along with two dogs and jake, our new parrot. that is quite the family. quite a lot of colleges to pay for though.
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jillian: a terrifying scene, a dust devil throws around bounce house full of children into the air at a fair. witnesses say the jumping castle flew 100 feet into the air in china, two children were killed, 20 others hurt. rob: that is unreal. three people rushed to the hospital after hot air balloon hits alive power line. one person seriously burned, 19 passengers and the pilot on board the balloon, when it crashed into northern california. the pilot was thought to be playing in april fools' day but not so. the faa is investigating. jillian: and people fit in those things? do you need to go grocery
1:53 am
shopping? rob: the store that is dropping the prices. >> whole foods which is known as whole paycheck, they are dropping prices tomorrow. the high cost image according to the wall street journal, prices on 500 items expected to drop on average by 20%, mainly produce and meat. and we should see these prices lasting throughout the rest of the year so that is good news. last year you will remember amazon dropped prices for amazon prime members and got to keep up with all that competition because of the grocery stores are trying to go after amazon, go after whole foods. they are doing everything they can. jillian: we tried last year this whole dollar thing at applebee's and it was not a dollar new york city. >> it was not a dollar in new york city but as they explained to us it cost a little more.
1:54 am
applebee's is back with their promotion for the entire month of april. you can get a strawberry margarita for one dollar but this comes with a candy surprise, there is a twitter straw you can take with a strawberry margarita so you were done with the drink you have a snack as you are waiting for the next one to arrive. jillian: assuming there is a next. all right, thanks. rob: wake up and smell the coffee or think about it. >> i would be a mess if i had to give up my joe. i had a full-blown addiction. i hope it won't come back to hunt me. jillian: a new study finds thinking about coffee can give you a mental boost. researchers say being exposed to coffee related cues, activities,
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specific parts of the brain making you more awake, alert and attentive. don't know how to feel about this. jillian: we will be right back. when we started our business
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we were paying an arm and a leg for postage. i remember setting up shipstation. one or two clicks and everything was up and running. i was printing out labels and saving money. shipstation saves us so much time. it makes it really easy and seamless. pick an order, print everything you need, slap the label onto the box, and it's ready to go. our costs for shipping were cut in half. just like that. shipstation. the #1 choice of online sellers.
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go to and get 2 months free. jillian: a 12-year-old boy making it his mission to fill the potholes in his michigan neighborhood. the reason why is simple. >> i didn't want people messing up their cars like my mom did.
1:59 am
the somebody drove down the street, someone picks up $100, a car that got fixed could be mine. jillian: did you hear? his act of kindness is going viral. rob: next the bad. pharma bro martin should rally --skreli but in solitary after running his business behind bars by cell phone. eject up the price of a life-saving drug by 5000%. jillian: mcdonald's backfires, customers going after the chain after this burger in australia, they want it on the menu for real. i am confused. i like pickles but that's too much for me. i don't like pickles. rob: some people love pickles. we will be back in 5 seconds.
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let's go to the next show. here we are. it is tuesday, april 2nd, fox news alert, homeland security secretary kirsten neilsen cut her g7 trip short to deal with the urgent situation at the southern border. jillian: as agents race for the brother of all caravans, donald trump will seal the southern border with mexico. dana loesch dust devil caught this inflatable playground like a ragdoll into the air. terrifying moments caught on camera. aoc's attempt to turn a croissant into a minimum-wage debate. jillian: critics eating their hearts out. "fox and friends first" continues. ♪


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